3 Creative Ideas to Steal from the Gentle Monster NYC Store

What’s the first thing a customer notices when they enter a store (a physical one, of course)? It is a display, isn’t it? And its effectiveness determines whether the customer will continue shopping or exit right away!

It seems like the Gentle Monster NYC store has decoded this secret, and it’s high time you do it, too. Whether you want to renovate your existing retail space or are planning to open a new store anywhere on the planet, you can steal some creative ideas from the Gentle Monster Soho store and use them to drive and retain more customers.

Here are some of their design secrets (as shared by our in-house team):

Their displays are eye-catching enough to slow down the visitor:

How do you keep a visitor shopping for hours? By directing them straight to what you have to offer? Or slow them down with a stunning display that makes them feel like taking a pause and appreciating the hard work you have put in to improve their experience?

The latter, of course. That’s the secret. It is never a good idea to shower a lot of products as soon as someone enters your store. Instead, focus on creating the best first impression that lasts for a lifetime and keeps them looking for what’s more there for them.

They understand the power of storytelling; so should you:

Each prop should be there for a reason. More than being eye candy, it should have a story, reflecting your message in whichever ways possible.

The Gentle Monster Soho store showcases the Earth and Moon drifting apart, invoking the exploration aspect of the viewer. And countless such ideas will pop up once you start looking for them or discuss the same with retail space design experts.

The store looks every bit functional at the same time:

While keeping aesthetic appeal and visual impression in mind, you’re supposed to keep the design functional at the same time. If it is not, your revenue will get impacted, no matter the industry you belong to.

The Gentle Monster Soho store has excellently balanced spatial quality, purposefulness, and functionality, and you can do it, too. The key to success is to work with a team well-versed in everything related to retail space design and installation. That’s the only way to create a space that resembles spatial quality and usability at the very first glance.

Now, as you know what sets the Gentle Monster NYC store apart, it is time for you to give all these factors a thought and figure out how many of these you can use in your own store.

Find it confusing? How about discussing everything with design experts and coming up with a store design that doesn’t look like a replica and positions your brand the way you expect in the customer’s eye while keeping them hooked to shop more?

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