We create your stories

Creative NYC is a world-renowned fabrication, design, installation, and prop rental firm. We work collaboratively with designers to create extraordinary experiences that are exceptional, relevant, accessible, diverse, expressive, and fun!

The fabrication studio in New York has featured its work on television, cinema, fashion, retail, display, photography, theater, museums/exhibits, events, and other themed venues thanks to a fantastic team of designers who offer unmatched service.

Our services

As veterans in the custom metal fabrication industry in New York and Los Angeles, our services and processes have been fine-tuned over the years to provide breathtaking, disruptive artistic displays and scenic setups for a diverse clientele. We offer retail fabrication, metal fabrication, sculpture fabrication, and scenic fabrication from design to completion. Our turnkey services include:

Custom Fabrication

Our customized fabrication shop specializes in creating one-of-a-kind, imaginative, and engaging works of art that uniquely embody your distinctive vision. We have created various exclusive projects, including enormous-scale projects for award shows and campaign launches, to sleek and contemporary window displays for prominent brands.

Whether it’s steel fabrications, plastic fabrications, or recycled materials, we take pride in welcoming projects of any scale and caliber as a fresh challenge that we can turn into art. Some of our offerings include:

No structural steel fabrication is complete without the proper finishing, which adds finesse and grandeur. Some of the techniques we offer include the following:

Our competent project management team relieves you of the stress and complexity of a project while still producing better results. A project with less risk, expense, and schedule will benefit you. Additionally, you’ll get a dependable collaborator whose sole motivation for the project is your benefit. We see you through:

We have a wealth of experience setting up different display setups. Our fabrication studio team achieves the required installation result without going over budget by connecting every component of your project. We’ve delivered above and beyond to the following:

Prop Rentals

Besides our comprehensive fabrication services, we offer various rentals and sale items. From plinth, wall, theatrical props, studio props, and other types of rentals, our products are in mint condition.

The rentals are available for a minimum three-day duration, with select items available for sale. Please browse through our extensive inventory and connect with us for a smooth prop rental experience!

You Design It, We Build It

We start by listening before we start asking questions. Our custom fabrication company in Queens and LA will work with you to develop a plan based on your functional objectives and artistic desires that will meet or surpass the project’s criteria. Connect with us today!