Custom Fabrication

Your Vision, Our Expertise

Before we get the ball rolling, understanding your requirements is paramount.

Our design consultants in New York offer a creative role that involves developing your design before breathing life into it. The team is dedicated to offering expert advice on incorporating aesthetics and functionality into a space or product. We are constantly working towards fabricating designs dependent on the demographic you’re targeting and the venue’s layout and resources required.

Working closely with the design and execution team, we help finesse the underlying vision by offering suggestions and solutions.

From Paper to Product

We often find designers constricted by layout. While imagination is unlimited, executing a creative vision can be challenging.

We walk our clients through space planning, an essential part of the creative process. Understanding the structure and fluidity of a design can effectively help execute the idea.

Scenic designers in NYC like us prefer covering all corners, maximizing space utility without compromising on intent and association. We recognize the importance of allowing audiences to connect with the brand, clearly reflecting the objective in all artworks produced.

And it doesn’t stop there. Adding character to the design is equally important, and good lighting is key. Our design consultants help create the perfect mood for all your design needs. Color, intensity, positioning and adding innovative effects all add flair to your artwork.

The material selection at the consultation stage engages cost-effective strategies that fasten the development process. We give the project the highest chance of success with a carefully planned design analysis.

The kind of material chosen influences both art and intent. Each material lends a unique quality to the artistic process and the final product. Materials impact both how artists create their work and how spectators experience it.

When we approach projects, what matters to us is how well the chosen narrative is defined by the artwork produced. Besides fabricating custom-designed metal and plastic artworks, we even incorporate the most fundamental supplies, frequently using industrial byproducts like construction grade steel, unfinished wood, glass, stone, and even recycled junkyard scraps.

It’s The Final Countdown

Once we’re done with lighting, direction, and scenic design concepts in NYC, we focus on bringing it all together within the required budget. Our design consultants work in tandem with the project management team to engineer an immersive experience, always keeping in mind the functionality and feasibility.

Our exemplary design consulting team never leaves your side until everything is installed and ready.