You Ask, We Deliver

Our expert project management team in New York City organizes, plans, and manages your requirements while adhering to constraints like budgets and schedules. We keep you in the loop every step of the way, overseeing all teams involved to deliver collaboratively and smoothly. Our goal is to assign you a team that understands and establishes project objectives, interacts with stakeholders, and offers a timely completion of designs from start to finish.

An overview of our services:


We start with calculating the total amount of money allotted for a particular project. An exact number in mind from the beginning ensures we deliver cost-effective solutions without compromising the eventual outcome.

The budget, which includes all anticipated expenditures for the upcoming project, is typically estimated by the project manager and the project management team. Understanding and accurately predicting personal expenses for all the project’s components is the critical challenge in developing a realistic budget.

One-On-One Support

Having delivered rapid turnovers for massive assignments in the past, we understand the need for a team lead who motivates and encourages the entire crew. This is particularly true if you juggle a heavy workload and several other commitments. Giving individual attention to each aspect of the fabrication process keeps things in check and morale high. The project manager will curate specific strategies modified to your individual needs.


Our project leads aren’t mere client coordinators. They have the technical knowledge that ensures all your deliverables are met with utmost precision and design alignment. Their duties entail the following:


Our management professionals will monitor your tasks to ensure you proceed as planned. Of course, it’s more than just monitoring status. Scheduling also means updating your project processes and managing change. We create baselines representing the benchmark from where the project needs to proceed, giving us a clear understanding of timelines and obligations.

Materials Sourcing

Our project management team must continuously deliver all services, including material sourcing, with value. We strategize, interact with stakeholders, and repeatedly demonstrate that the chosen suppliers offer the best overall value for your needs.

Our staff is prepared to handle project sourcing of any scale and complexity. All activities, stakeholders, and risks are identified and monitored to deliver an on-time, on-budget implementation.


Your custom design fabrications are transported with the utmost care from our warehouse to the location. Our project team managers in New York and LA curate a checklist of all items, ensuring nothing is left behind and everything is shipped and assembled as per requirements in a timely fashion.