The Perfect Finisher

All the manufactured parts we use at Creative NYC go through finishing processes. Finishing refers to various procedures that modify the surface of metal or plastic goods and parts to enhance their aesthetic appeal, robustness, and environmental protection.

Metal processing and finishing services also include cleaning and polishing procedures to enhance a finished metal product’s look.

Fake It Till You Make It

Our faux finishing technique adds character to any custom-fabricated product, letting you think out of the box. The faux finish painting technique imitates the appearance or texture of other surfaces, such as marble, suede, or wallpaper with striped patterns, to add texture and subtlety to a space.

While completing a faux-finish project appropriately requires imagination and patience, the method certainly makes the effort and time invested worth its while.

Paint it, Stain It

We add depth and color to metal surfaces using gel-based color stains. The thick material can effectively coat any surface quickly and is a great alternative to paints. Our custom staining techniques in New York offer subtle tones created by the semi-transparent finishing of the stain base.

They add a rich color and protective layer and can replicate any pattern and style on metal surfaces. This technique works like a charm if you want to recreate marble and wood settings in your design elements.

Rustic Reactions

One of our popular techniques for many design requirements, this method offers a distressed and old-fashioned look with the aid of chemical reactions.

In the design world, patina coatings are applied for their aesthetic appeal. What makes it unique are the abstract patterns and the vintage-era styling. Chemicals are used to speed up this natural process, which is duplicated to produce stunning patinas on metal, with a bit of assistance from human hands.

Utilizing patina requires artistic skill. Experimenting requires patience and careful thought of the materials you’re working with. With over 30 years of experience perfecting this technique, Creative NYC can provide you with the best metal patina finishing in New York.

We even offer glazing, decorative painting services, metal leafing, wall coverings, upholstery, fabric panels, flocking, and spray finishing in New York.