4 Tips to Plan a Successful Fashion Week

Fashion shows are more innovative, beautiful, and forward-thinking than other events. They constantly test the limits of event production and follow various styles, from simple setups to extravagant performances.

Fashion Week season begins in February, with New York as its first pit stop. It’s the perfect time to examine all the requirements for designers to express their creativity, including availing the services of custom retail fabrication shops like Creative NYC.

Here are some tips to assist you in planning an inventive fashion show that will ensure the success of your event:

  1. Concept

    Fashion shows no longer feature a stage and spotlight setup. You must consistently push the limits of what is expected, just as designers do. Your event will come together if you tell a story or have a more significant idea, making it more than a fashion show.

    For instance, Elvis was the focal point of Coach’s S/S 2017 collection during New York Fashion Week. Our fabrication hub in Long Island executed rusted 1950s cars piled up in the center. The music and setting were all inspired homages to the pop legend.

    Choose a concept that makes people curious, and you’ll have no trouble filling the seats!

  2. Production

    Radical production setups will set you apart from run-of-the-mill executions. Stage designs are constantly evolving and getting more abstract. There are no restrictions on your production setups; they can be circular catwalks or models walking through the audience.

    Stuart Ververs expanded the scope of Coach beyond its origins as a conventional leather goods brand by taking the presentation into the woods. He covered the stage with ominous smoke, mounds of fall leaves, and vintage box television sets.

    Any show needs lighting to be enhanced and to be dramatic. Ververs used expertly placed spotlights to create a dimly lit woodland that established the mood on the runway. To create a presentation that your visitors will remember, take the time to collaborate with the right firm.

  3. Technology

    Anyone organizing a fashion show needs to embrace technology. It can be utilized in various ways and is an unsaid rule to expect in established shows like Fashion Week.

    You can show different perspectives of the apparel on giant screens on either side. To reach a larger audience, think about filming and broadcasting your event and letting it stream in high definition. Using technology appropriately and adequately can create enough buzz around the designer and their outfit for mass relatability and future consumption.

  4. Guest List

    While your presentation matters, so do whom you invite. Fashion shows are a goldmine for publicity and advertising opportunities.

    The ideal environment for promotion is created by dramatic lighting, prospective celebrity presence, and the opportunity to view a collection for the first time.

    To aid in the promotion of your show, invite micro and macro influencers. Their devoted followers, a hashtag, and influencing power is all you need to have social media flooded with positive publicity for your show.

    People tend to trust influencers more than conventional marketing methods as they offer first-hand experience. So do your research and invite yourself priceless marketing resources.

Hire Professionals Like Us!

If it’s your maiden show or you need fresh perspectives for a smooth execution of design and operation, hiring experts who are veterans in the business is paramount. Connect with Creative NYC for all your custom fabrication needs in Long Island and get your show runway ready.