Custom Fabrication

Benefits of Hiring a Custom Fabrication Design Agency

If you are organizing an event of any kind in New York City or Los Angeles, there is only one way to go about it, go big or go home. In places as lively and eventful as New York and Los Angeles, you have to do something truly extraordinary to stand out amongst the millions of other people trying to make it big in these cities. Even the simplest of events needs to be organized with such pizazz that it blows everyone away. Organizing it all yourself can be an overwhelming challenge but with the help of the right fabrication agency, you can help make your dreams a reality, and there is no agency that does it better than Creative Agency NYC.


For major events, there are a large number of things that need to be organized, and through 30 years of experience, Creative Agency has got you covered. There are well-versed in various specific services such as event/ scenic fabrication, retail displays, brand rollouts, rentals, sets for fashion shows, television and films, museum exhibitions, and even trade show staging.


Creative NYC works with the most well-trained and imaginative artists, technicians, leaders, engineers, and fabricators from around the world. This group of people is tasked with coming up with the most creative solutions for the needs of your projects, which will also produce the best results for the audience. You can use them to tell the story of your liking, and they will make sure that they are able to breathe life into that story.


Creative takes care of all your event needs, from design consulting, material sourcing, and stage rentals to custom fabrications. They take over the management of the project and ensure that every single aspect meets your exact needs. Their installation crews are ready to get to work in any part of the world, no matter what your needs regarding space, material, and lighting are. They are an agency that is focused on building something together with you that others can remember for ages.

Creative Agency NYC also provides its service for event fabrication in Los Angeles. Their custom fabrication shop specializes in creating unique and imaginative works of art that can embody the vision you have thoroughly. No matter the scale of the project you have in mind, they have got you covered.

From award shows, red carpets, and campaign launches to window displays for brands, Creative Agency NYC does it all. And they are not limited by material either, if you are looking for fabrications made out of wood, plastic, recycled materials, or acrylic, they will provide services for it. They even provide specialized metal fabrication in NYC, as well as carving and sculpting, spray finishing, upholstery, and lighting services.

Creative Agency NYC essentially works by taking your designs and turning them not reality, their entire service is centered around custom fabrication, which they do by listening to what their clients want and coming up with creative ways to make those wants a reality.