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Bring The Drama To The Stage With A Scenic Artist

Creatives the world over are using disruptive tactics to up their artistic expression. When it comes to setting up a show, you must bring in the drama. It’s not just for the sake of things. Capturing your audience with enthralling visuals is key. Be it fashion shows, award shows, campaign launches or even performance productions, the stage must be set. Depending on the type of event, grandeur drives the brand’s philosophy.

From creative directors to production designers, the people who come together to conceptualize the project are visionaries. But who fabricates these designs? A scenic designer.

What Defines A Scenic Artist?

Also known as ‘set designers’, the job of a scenic designer is to transform real-life spaces into immersive and engaging environments, both for the performer and the audience.

They follow a creative workflow process to construct a set from the ground up. Even though they’re craftspeople, they’re involved in the brainstorming process too. This helps the creative directors to take into consideration the layout of the venue and design in accordance with the space. The possibilities of fabric, textures, and color are driven by the brief of the brand or event.

The Job Of A Scenic Artist

The venue is their blank canvas, on which they paint a telling picture. Of course, the guidelines are driven by the creator of the show, a scenic designer’s job is not limited to carpentry. Here’s a lowdown of they approach a project:

  1. Drafting and Ideating

    While the design has already been thought of, fleshing out the finer details and checking their feasibility is required. A design is never stand-alone. Collaborating with the lighting department is crucial to select and position materials appropriately.

  2. Creating Scale Models

    Drawings are a flat representation of the project. If time and budget permits, a scale model is constructed to visually see how the setup will be placed in terms of functionality. Any tweaks at this stage will save plenty of time, effort, and money. Models can either be sculpted or constructed using graphic designing softwares.

  3. Construction

    Finally! The part better know that fits our job scope. Scenic designers have a team of skilled builders, designers, carpenters, and electricians. Using floor plans, scale models, and tools, they construct the vision into reality.

Skills Of An Experienced Scenic Artist

When you’re hiring a scenic designer, their competency and professionalism is based on the following factors:

  1. Time & Budget Management

    Once the layout is locked, scenic designers run the show. They’re required to manage time and budget to ensure the project is delivered as per requirements. Clear timelines are set, conveyed, and adhered to.

  2. Familiar With Job Scope

    A capable scenic designer isn’t simply a task master. They foresee the project from start to finish, with detailed understanding of the workings of every team member.

  3. Portfolio

    Their spiel of work determines the kind of work they’re able to execute. When engaging a scenic designer, having a look at their portfolio sets the tone of their capabilities.

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