The Useful Purposes of Renting Props in New York

Props are essential to telling a story. They support and inspire the topic, giving the artists and audience a stronger sense of belonging. There are several ways a prop can serve a purpose, including setting the scene, indicating a specific time and place and cultural setting, and occasionally even becoming a central focal point of the action.

Even though the theme, performers, and costumes may command the spotlight, props are an integral component of a theatrical experience. The most typical use of props around a set is to suspend disbelief and immerse viewers in a specific idea and experience.

Studio prop rental stores like Creative NYC have offered their fabrication industry expertise for over 30 years. Having worked with film, television, fashion designers, pop stars, museums, and more, their prop rental shops in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan house thousands of curated props made of recyclable materials.

What Are Props

The performers, the plot, the costumes, or the music may all be regarded as the production’s most crucial components. Imagine the experience without the props, though. These are all the extra details, some of which may appear unimportant, that give the scene realism and plausibility. The props improve the settings and may even take on a life of their own.

Why Add Props to a Design

Props provide subliminal hints to the audience about the character, the setting, or the circumstance, adding realism, bringing the story to life, and pulling you into the scene so the viewer can become completely absorbed.

Here are some top benefits of studio prop rentals from Creative NYC for your events:

Adds Realism

Even if the concept is set in space, all stage layouts, in some ways, reflect our reality. The world does not exist in a vacuum. Audiences are likelier to think that the story and the characters are real when the set is embellished with plants, stones, furniture, and personal items. People are drawn into an event through props.

Enables Narrative

Props can serve as indicators of the plot. Setting the stage for a theme is ideally enabled with the placement of carefully selected and designed props. For instance, piles of autumn leaves with retro television sets with distorted video were placed all around the runway for Coach’s NYFW F/W 2018 collection. The theme depicted American gothic in the Southwest, and the props aligned well with the apparel showcased.

Sets Atmosphere

As well as helping the audience understand the narrative, a prop can help performers get a feel for the theme. Our set for Lady Gaga’s many brand launches and performances are a testament to how props enable the theatrics and seamlessly convey the message.


Recreating expensive props is better than placing the real deal. It saves money and gives security in the event of any damage to the prop. For this reason, brands recreate props of expensive or fragile products.

Safety Purposes

Props can contribute to the performer’s and audience’s safety, a fact that is sometimes disregarded. When appropriately used, a fake knife or gun can appear as menacing as the real thing while posing no immediate threat to the performers.

Additionally, large props made of lightweight materials are safer to set up, avoiding any deadly accidents or unfortunate circumstances.

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