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Things That Make the Gentle Monster NYC Store Incredibly Unique

So, you’re also another fan of the Gentle Monster NYC store!

Well, it deserves all the attention. The only word that comes after seeing the store that comes to mind is — wow! And there’s a reason why this reaction comes out. It is a thoughtful design that shines through every corner and get the store the most footwork compared to its competitors.

Let’s get a bit into the background of the store, in case you don’t know much about it.

Being a Korean Eyewear brand, Gentle Monster launched its seventh and first flagship store in the US. Located in SoHo, New York. The store was designed in collaboration with Rafael de Cardenas and featured an exhibition with Moooi, a Netherlands-based furniture designer. It is considered one of the best designed stores in the world, and the reasons are obvious.

Good things take time

The store took around four months to be designed and finished to the level of perfection it holds. With a beautiful vision in their mind, the team has worked really hard to turn the store idea into a physical reality, which is clearly visible. The store is capable of carrying a full range of sunglasses without overwhelming the visitors.

Functionality is essential

While designing and building a store, the team has to be very mindful of how functional the store is. While adding beauty is not a difficult task, combining it with functionality may be challenging for a newbie. The Gentle Monster store has got the perfect blend of both. The store resembles a space that any customer would enjoy shopping in.

Timelessness is the key

It is just so crucial to keep the design timeless. You’re not supposed to reinvent your store every second or third year. So, you should choose everything carefully — from materials to lighting. Using the highest quality elements to design the space can be a great way to make the visitors feel that the store has invested enough time and effort to ensure the best experience for them.

Finishing matters, too

Obviously, that’s what the whole thing revolves around.

The bottom line

You see the Gentle Monster NYC store has so many incredible things that make it stand apart. So, it is just the right moment for you to consider the above factors and use them as inspirations for your next project. The best way to do it is to find an agency creative enough to get it done. Or, you can start with your research alone as well. However, it may be confusing for you at times.

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